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Continuous Monitoring With Cytellix
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Continuous monitoring allows your team and others to quickly access a stream of real-time data reflecting the state of risk to your security posture, the network, end points and even cloud devices and applications. This empowers IT security teams to plug security gaps, eliminate known threats and vulnerabilities, deny unnecessary connections, keep security policies up to date and more effectively enforce security policies.

Advanced profiling techniques (active scanning and passive listening) detect newly connected devices, previously unmanaged assets and the network perimeter. Real-time continuous monitoring means you’ll be able to ask a question about your network and have current data readily available from which to derive an answer. It means you’ll have a real-time dynamic view of your IT infrastructure.

The NIST Cybersecurity Framework for small to medium sized businesses outlines cyber practices through vulnerability scanning, real time cyber monitoring to reduce the attack surfaces for intrusions. Cytellix uses enterprise-grade monitoring tools installed at the Department of Defense, the largest banks in the world and tier one healthcare providers to provide 24-7 real-time monitoring of the network

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