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Centrify Application Services lets you deploy Single Sign-on (SSO) to all the apps you use in your business. You don’t need to be a custom SAML expert, or rely on vendors to support your infrastructure. Just search for the apps you need, and deploy easily.

Thousands of Apps in an Instant

With Centrify Application Services, you can provide Single Sign-on (SSO) to thousands of pre-configured apps, the instant you sign up — and Centrify is always adding more. Configure and deploy web and mobile apps in seconds with simple wizard-based or manual setup. Save time with role-based deployment and one-time app configuration.


In the Cloud or in Your Datacenter

Centrify Application Services provides the same level of simple, secure, single sign-on for your private, behind-the-firewall apps as we do for cloud apps. Pre-configured app templates take the hassle out of adding your custom internal apps, whether you use SAML, NTLM, or username/password for authentication. Centrify Application Services provides simple, secure, single sign-on for apps both in the cloud and behind your firewall.

Centrify Identity Service Introduction

What is Centrify Identity Service

Centrify Identity Service improves end-user productivity and secures access to cloud, mobile, and on-premises apps via single sign-on, user provisioning and multi-factor authentication. Manage apps, mobile devices, and Macs via Active Directory, LDAP or cloud identity stores.

Single Sign-on for Cloud & Mobile Apps. One-click access to your cloud, mobile and on-premises apps. No more forgotten passwords, no more user confusion. Centrify Identity Service provides turnkey SSO access to thousands of popular apps, and adding your own takes just seconds with Infinite Apps.

Automated Account Management. From the day they start to the day they depart, manage employees’ access to all their apps from a single source: Active Directory, LDAP or cloud identity store. Automatically create accounts, manage access to those accounts and revoke access from all devices when necessary — all from a central control point.

Integrated Mobile Device & App Management. Identity-based policy is the lifeblood of BYOD. Secure and manage the devices used to access cloud and mobile apps through fully-integrated mobile device and app management capabilities. Push apps, policy, certificates and more — and pull it all back when devices are lost or stolen.

Benefits of Centrify Identity Service

  • Control access to cloud and mobile apps, and manage the devices used to access them
  • Improve security by eliminating easily cracked, recycled or improperly stored passwords
  • Keep sensitive directory info where you want it: on-site in LDAP or Active Directory, in cloud, or any combination
  • Create comprehensive user access policies that span across apps and devices
  • Enforce deeper security with per-app policies and context-aware multi-factor authentication

In addition to the quick start guides we suggest the following documents that should assist you to quickly configure Centrify Identity Service with a SaaS application of your choice and help you to evaluate the Centrify Identity Service

  1. Centrify Cloud Connector Deployment Guide
  2. Centrify for Office 365 Deployment Kit
  3. Centrify for Google Apps Deployment Guide
  4. Centrify App Gateway Deployment Guide





About Centrify

Centrify is the leader in securing enterprise identities against cyberthreats that target today’s hybrid IT environment of cloud, mobile and on-premises. The Centrify Identity Platform protects against the leading point of attack used in data breaches ― compromised credentials — by securing an enterprise’s internal and external users as well as its privileged accounts. Centrify delivers stronger security, continuous compliance and enhanced user productivity through single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, mobile and Mac management, privileged access security and session monitoring. Centrify is trusted by over 5000 customers, including more than half of the Fortune 50. Learn more at www.centrify.com.

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